Job Training Service

In Elite solfix Training is a science and an art. We train the perfect candidate who has to possess more than just the hard skills and experience that you require. Hard-to-quantify qualities like initiative, dependability, and getting along with others are important indicators of success. We’ve been in the business a long time and have helped companies of all sizes streamline their recruitment processes.

Job Placement Service

Job placement assistance is a form of help provided to job seekers from all walks of life by a variety of different sources. This type of assistance usually includes a combination of career counseling and skills assessment, along with guidance on writing a resume, drafting a cover letter and filling out a job application. Job placement facilitators then help job seekers find appropriate position openings and work with them to prepare for interviews.

Interview Assitance Service

We understand the challenges of optimising the workforce and we offer our clients a comprehensive Career Transition Service (Interview assitance). From planning the optimisation to designing an outplacement strategy, we guide and support our clients at every step in interview.

Job assitance Service

Elite Solfix Inc will provide Job assistance from our high expertise staffing from abroad with in no means of time and also our assistance will be provide to our employee up to the contract period completed. In mean time job train also provide if need to explore more by our employee at the clients location with help of our high expertise Job Assistance Team

Talent Mapping

Studies show that having a ready pipeline of top quality candidates in place helps to improve quality, speed and cost per hire. Defining your competitive landscape and candidate profile ahead of time will allow you to connect with inactive job seekers. It moves you to being proactive from being reactive. Talent Mapping is a process of collecting market information of prospective candidates within defined target organisations.

Global Sourcings

Global Sourcing is a specialist service that has been developed to address the needs of global businesses looking at employing Indian & Expatriate talent at leadership / senior and middle management levels outside India. Mandates are delivered through an expert consultant team, which focusses only on such assignments.

We are Expertise

A bit of background on our skills and expertise

With RiseSmart, we provide programs built for today's workforce that support employees at all levels to succeed in their career transition objectives.

Recruiter Training Programmes, Great Recruiters are focused on getting results, but great recruitment relies on right candidate sourcing, candidate evaluation and stakeholder management.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. An RPO provider can provide its own or may assume the company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting..

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